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Mocana Joins the Trusted Computing Group to Bring Strong Root of Trust to IoT Security

San Francisco, CA--Mocana announces today that it has joined the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), a member-driven standards group that has developed a number of widely adopted standards that can be used for security in the Internet of Things.

As a Contributor member in TCG, Mocana, with other members, will participate in the development of new specifications and evolution of existing ones.

“With the explosion of interconnected devices, data and networks in the IoT has come an equal explosion in security issues – hacks, attacks, vulnerabilities, zero day exploits and more,” said Mark Schiller, executive director, Trusted Computing Group. “We welcome the expertise and contributions of Mocana and its experts in evolving proven concepts of trust into the Internet of Things for security.”

Mocana is currently developing software technology that works with Trusted Platform Module, or TPM, specifications to enhance security surrounding sensitive information on devices containing a TPM.

“We believe that joining TCG will strengthen our stance as a leader in security software technology as we work to advance and build software that will go down to the root. We are developing software that enables IoT devices and systems to be secure and trusted starting from the hardware. We are excited to collaborate with TCG and share the knowledge we have to provide better techniques and methods of security across next-generation devices,” said Mocana’s Chief Executive Officer, Bill Diotte.

Mocana provides the Mocana Security of Things Platform—a high-performance, ultra-optimized, OS-independent, high-assurance security solution for any device class. The Platform is being rapidly adopted by next-gen IoT device designers who demand architectural freedom, and who understand the complexity and risk exposure inherent in in-house and other solutions. Mocana's award-winning cryptographic solutions are used in the most stringently-constrained and life-critical systems by Fortune 500 companies, world-leading smart device manufacturers, and government agencies.

More information on TCG can be found at and at @TrustedComputin on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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