Military-Grade Security Throughout the Entire Device Lifecycle,
from Enrollment to Provisioning

The growth of IoT and connected devices is creating a security risk as cyber attacks continue to escalate both in terms of frequency and sophistication.Common IT and OT security solutions are not effective against IoT attacks,and the vast majority of IoT and industrial control devices lack essential cybersecurity measures. This exposes the IoT and industrial supply chain at risk and makes implementing security very difficult.

Hackers Are Bypassing IT / OT Defenses


Endpoints lack essential cybersecurity

Mocana Software Compiles Into the Embedded Application and Firmware


Mocana Full-Stack IoT Security Platform


Mocana Software Compiles Into the Embedded Application and Firmware


Automated Security Lifecycle Management


Zero Touch

Enable zero touch device enrollment using standards-based Enrollment over Secure Transport (EST) for scalable credential management at IoT scale.


Automated Security

Keep device and data trustworthy and ensure a lifecycle of trust for secure boot, secure firmware updates, and trusted operations using Mocana’s automated certificate


Publisher and Provider Tools

Leverage an intelligent platform to manage device enrollment, onboarding, and secure updates that secures the device from manufacture to end of life while providing assurance of the supply chain.

Mission-Critical Embedded Protection



Since 2002, Mocana has used its deep cybersecurity expertise to assist customers with all aspects of security application life cycle management, including: design, development, integration, validation, quality assurance, compliance and support.



Our crypto libraries are FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certified and contain no open source code. Mocana is compliant with IEC 62443-3-3 SL4, NIST 800-53, FISMA High standards, and the Industrial Internet Consortium IISF Endpoint Security Best Practices guidance.


Tiny Footprint

With a tiny footprint of less than 30KB, our crypto engine has been optimized for use in processing power and memory-constrained environments. Our software is fast and responsive for high-work factor ciphers, hashes and cryptographic functions.

Simple Integration


Easy-to-Use APIs

Enable applications to call cryptographic functions through a simple set of APIs. Easily replace OpenSSL with a lightweight military-grade crypto library using Mocana’s OpenSSL-compatibility interface.


Trust Abstraction

Take advantage of Mocana’s solution that is integrated with more than 70 chipsets, 30 operating systems, and real-time operating systems (RTOS) and supports a variety of networking environments (SSL, SSH, multicast, IPSec, wireless, and SCEP, EST). Easily integrate with hardware and software-based secure elements and crypto-accelerators using our trust abstraction layer.


Full-Stack Architecture

Go beyond traditional perimeter-based security approaches. Leverage our full-stack architecture and strong cryptographic engine to ensure authentication, integrity, ensure authentication, integrity,devices, gateways, and cloud applications.

Gain unmatched security

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