Edge Protection

  • Authenticated enrollment with unified workflow
  • Tamper-resistant updates with supply chain protection
  • Network access controls for an embedded perimeter
  • Monitoring for audit logs and event historian
  • Device authentication
  • Trusted supply chain content management
  • Policy studio for network access controls
  • Secure delivery of containerized workloads
  • Data historian for audits and analytics
  • Multi-site, multi-tenant services

Edge gateways at the 5G/SD-WAN crossover junction require edge protection for uninterrupted services, data privacy and protection. These systems are intended to defend relatively less secure endpoint devices – as guardians. A cyberattack staged with advanced tools and techniques may comprise containerized applications and services on the edge compute platform or penetrate edge controls and expose vulnerable endpoints in smart homes, smart cities, smart buildings and smart factories.

As device vendors and service providers embrace the emerging opportunities of 5G to widen the data pipes into your home and work, and edge computing to bring computing to your neighborhood, protection becomes a services play. A tamper-resistant self-defending posture establishes a state of trust for the realization of 5G, edge computing, blockchain, post quantum cryptography, and containerization of applications and services.

Edge Cloud Protection


Our end-to-end cybersecurity system enables secure, cryptographically-signed over-the-air (OTA) and over-the-web (OTW) firmware updates. It allows you to integrate hardware or software-based roots of trust such as TPM, SGX, TrustZone, HSMs, SIMs, and MIMs and enable you to replace open source crypto software such as OpenSSL.

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Mocana TrustCenter™

Services platform for automated security lifecycle management

Mocana TrustEdge™

Comprehensive IoT endpoint security that simplifies integration

Mocana TrustCore™

Proven, differentiated and compliant system of cybersecurity
  • Mocana's new IoT software brings trusted, military-grade security, and cloud-based communications to safety-critical applications like connected commercial and military aircraft. We are excited to be working with Mocana and our joint customers to provide an integrated platform for safety-critical avionics applications that combines key pieces of their IoT software with our best-in-class DO-178 real-time operating system."

    Greg Rose

    Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at DDC-I

  • The tools provided by Mocana are rooted in its long history of equipping engineers with the ability to harden devices that perform mission-critical operations."

    Rob Westervelt

    Research Manager, IDC

  • Connected devices are being deployed at a rapid pace, and security can no longer be optional. This is a shared industry responsibility, which is why Arm is working with partners including Mocana to shift the economics of security by providing a common framework for building more secure connected devices through PSA."

    Paul Williamson

    Vice President and General Manager, IoT Device IP, Arm

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