Securing the Internet of Things

Mocana provides a software platform that allows you to develop, test and distribute more secure devices and services.

Gain unmatched security with Mocana’s IoT solution


Securing devices for the IoT is complex and expensive: there are too many vulnerabilities and thousands of devices to secure.

Mocana’s highly certified Security of Things Solution solves various problems and vulnerabilities, saving on costs and accelerating product advancement.



From smart devices to smart cities, secure everything

Numerous services one platform

Numerous services, one platform

Mocana’s solution addresses various IoT vulnerabilities, from secure boot to firmware validation to preventing data leakage in cloud connectivity, so you can save on costs by eliminating the need to purchase each module separately.


Compatible with any OS/CPU or no OS

Our code can be embedded into any environment, on any ‘thing’, so you are never limited to a specific architecture, solving all your security issues with one solution.

Byte-efficient code

Byte-efficient code

Mocana’s code is uniquely packaged and can be deployed on any device, on any size.

Common API for various device architectures

Common API for various device architectures

Mocana uses a common API which will enable you to manage devices easily and attain security standardization across all devices, saving on costs and accelerating implementation.

Tested and Trusted

Tested and Trusted

Mocana’s solutions are tested so we are always one step ahead of attackers and ensure interoperability for customers’ products so you can be at ease knowing your devices are safe.

Certified and validated

Certified and validated

Our cryptographic library is FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certified and the cryptographic implementations are of the highest bar of accreditation, so you can expand into any markets, even the federal government.

Can You Afford Free OpenSSL?

In this whitepaper, you will learn how Mocana’s SSL offerings are a safe and proven alternative.


Mocana CEO Interviews with CNBC on Importance of CyberSecurity

Mocana CEO, Bill Diotte, speaks on what Mocana is doing to secure Industrial IoT devices and how different sectors can work together to create best security practices.

Watch full video now!


Standardizing Security Across Your Industrial Internet of Things

As more enterprises are experiencing security breaches, it is important to understand any existing vulnerabilities and know how to protect your devices against attacks.

Download this whitepaper and learn more about:

  • Global security and what it means in the IIoT Age.
  • What are the costs of skipping out on security measures.
  • How to reduce security risks and safeguard reputation.


Gain unmatched security with Mocana’s IoT solution

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