Top 5 Reasons You Need to Read the IIC Endpoint Security Best Practices White Paper

By Keao Caindec | 3/12/18 3:51 AM

Recently, the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) released a white paper entitled, Endpoint Security Best Practices (ESBP). This concise document recommends best practices for endpoint security on industrial control system (ICS) devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), sensors, drives and controllers. Here are the top five reasons you need to read the ESBP.

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How Secure is the Car of the Future?

By Keao Caindec | 10/10/17 1:17 PM

Modern cars are well on their way to revolutionizing the automotive industry. Intel’s 2017 whitepaper reports that “the newest cars on the road are equipped with active safety features that help protect drivers and passengers, heads-up displays that makes it easy to read instruments, and in-vehicle infotainment that makes the trip more enjoyable.” But with an IoT-enabled automobile comes greater security risks. And by 2020, analysts estimate that there will be more than 250 million connected cars on the roads.

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Mocana Secures the IoT Cloud Edge

By Keao Caindec | 9/12/17 7:05 AM

Today, Mocana announced that we've integrated our IoT Security Platform with the IoT cloud platforms of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure IoT, and VMware to make it easier for developers to use Mocana's strong, embedded security on devices they want to connect to the cloud.

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Securing IoT-Enabled Devices for Industrial Manufacturers

By Keao Caindec | 8/24/17 6:00 AM

According to IDC, the global revenue opportunity for the Internet of Things (IoT) in manufacturing is expected to grow to $913 billion by 2018. More and more manufacturers are looking to realize the benefits of utilizing IoT for manufacturing including reducing the cost of field operations, maintenance, and repairs; extending the life of assets; driving efficiency; and creating new revenue sources.

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How Do We Protect Power Grids from Getting Hacked?

By Keao Caindec | 7/12/17 12:12 PM

Months after the Mirai Virus and WannaCry cyber attacks, another series of massive ransomware attacks shook companies across the globe, including a state power company in Ukraine. The impact of the NotPetya virus was devastating, locking down multinational corporations and disrupting critical services to healthcare patients. Earlier this month, it was reported that hackers are targeting US nuclear facilities.

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5 Key Challenges in Securing Resource-Constrained IoT devices

By Keao Caindec | 6/29/17 3:28 PM

Last year saw one of the most massive series of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks in Internet history. The attacks targeted Dyn, a major provider of Domain Name System (DNS), whose clients include internet giants such as Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, GitHub, Paypal, Spotify, and the PlayStation Network, among many others.

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Why Perimeter-based IoT Security is Not Enough

By Keao Caindec | 6/27/17 11:49 AM

Securing IoT machines is more complex and challenging than securing other physical devices. We need to embrace a new approach to security that goes beyond protecting the ingress and egress points of IoT networks.

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Why Consumers Don’t Trust Smart Home Devices

By Keao Caindec | 6/16/17 1:39 PM

Smart home devices promise convenience, ubiquity, round-the-clock connectivity and control. But for consumers, security, privacy and reliability matter the most.

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Introducing Mocana IoT Security Platform

By Mocana | 3/23/17 5:00 AM

We are excited to share with you that we have released the Mocana IoT Security Platform, a new, version (GA0217) of our security software solution for embedded systems and the Internet of Things (IoT). This is a major update release that builds upon the cybersecurity technology that the company has developed over the past 15 years that secures embedded systems and IoT devices.

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The Top Six Obstacles to Adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things

By Mocana | 2/27/17 10:10 AM

According to Accenture Consulting, 76 percent of manufacturers expect to launch Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications and begin using smart devices by the end of 2017. While we have clearly reached an inflection point in terms of the acceptance of the IIoT, we’re still at the beginning stages of its growth and evolution. The questions that many are asking include: What will the future of the IIoT look like? What are some of the key drivers of the potential for a widescale digital transformation of industrial automation? How will we secure billions of IIoT devices and ensure safety of mission-critical infrastructure?

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