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Mocana's Weekly News Roundup, Ed 6

Posted by Mocana on 8/28/15 3:30 PM

Mocana_Weekly_News_Roundup_Ed_6_This week's Roundup contains a slew of new hacks that have occurred in Android devices through browsers and even smart refrigerators. We talk frequently on this blog about the Internet of Things (IoT) and the rapidly accelerated connectivity of devices-- but this also comes with risks.

Private information and corporate data can be exposed, leaving your company's information unprotected. 

Although mobile devices aren't the primary route for data breaches, many breaches come from mobile application misconfigurations according to Verizon. 

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Preventing Car Hacks (Part 1)

Posted by James Blaisdell on 8/25/15 7:00 AM

How can you be sure that your smart car, with all its fabulous features, isn’t the victim of a publicly-disclosed white hat hack? Or even worse, a black hat hacker who causes real harm to life and limb?

In this blog series, I’ll draw from my many years of security work with safety critical devices, and share some key strategies for increasing the security of a car’s system and for preventing car hacks.

  • In today’s post (part 1 of the series), I’ll discuss specific vulnerabilities and explain how to use our Mocana Security of Things Platform to easily secure a car and prevent the sort of exploits that make headline news.
  • In part 2, I’ll present specific design goals that are critical to building hardened systems that are resistant to hacking.
  • Part 3 continues the theme of designing in security. Hacks are made possible by code vulnerabilities, but by paying close attention to how you design, build, and test the code, and physically secure devices, you can minimize the potential for exploits. 

So now on to today’s topics! Here’s an eight-point checklist of vulnerabilities to guard against.

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Blue Hill Research: Why Enterprises Must Consider Mocana Atlas Platform

Posted by Swarna Podila on 8/24/15 12:21 PM

When we grab the bullhorn to praise our solutions, it demonstrates our excitement and pride we take in our products. When an independent analyst does the same, it validates our excitement to the industry. According to Blue Hill Research's analyst Tony Rizzo, "Mocana Atlas Platform is a platform that all large-scale enterprises must absolutely consider as they move forward with their tremendous growth in mobile application development and usage".

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Mocana's Weekly News Roundup, Ed 5

Posted by Mocana on 8/21/15 3:30 PM

Edition 5 of the Roundup includes some pivotal news regarding mobile apps and how security is affected by using certain applications.

Mobile apps have expanded into the retail, banking and healthcare markets. Ergo this has, in many past instances, jeopardized personal information. 

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Achievement "Gartner Catalyst": Unlocked!

Posted by Swarna Podila on 8/18/15 4:39 PM

Gartner Catalyst 2015 opened with a fantastic keynote by Paul DeBeasi where he mentioned Catalyst2014 was anchored around Intelligent IT Architecture and the nexus of forces that constitute this architecture. Catalyst2015, according to Paul, is the time to discuss how enterprises can build on that architecture with Agility, Design and Innovation.

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Mocana's Weekly News Roundup, Ed 4

Posted by Mocana on 8/14/15 3:00 PM

This week’s roundup features IoT as a central catalyst for changing businesses and the world we live in alike.

Test your IoT knowledge from TechTarget, and read the latest updates of Google’s new mobile service Fi being released—the debate of whether VoWiFi implementations should include phones automatically switching from cell to WiFi when available.

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Mocana's Weekly News Roundup, Ed 3

Posted by Mocana on 8/7/15 3:00 PM

For this week’s roundup, we have articles that detail some large-scale concerns from the industry, including Windows 10 and the continued issue mobile devices pose in federal and defense agencies. There is a constant uphill battle to protect corporate data, and mobile devices have added an extra level of difficulty to ensuring foolproof protection.

This is why it’s important to be aware of the antimalware and antivirus software – especially on Android devices. All of this and more is covered in the descriptions. 

For more information, feel free to check out the articles below.

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Player One Goes to Gartner Catalyst

Posted by Ranjeet Vidwans on 8/6/15 4:54 PM

Next week we will be at Gartner Catalyst in sunny San Diego, California. As always, we expect that it will be an action-packed week with thought leaders looking to learn, share, and discuss ideas around emerging technology areas including Cloud, Big Data, IoT and of course, Enterprise Mobility.

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IoT Security Just Went Mainstream! What Does It Mean for Automakers?

Posted by James Blaisdell on 8/5/15 1:33 PM

IoT_Security_AutomakersYou may have already read and seen “Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—with Me in It” that resulted in Chrysler’s voluntary safety recall of approximately 1.4 million vehicles. We blogged about it, and today’s post is a continuum of that discussion. 

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Mocana's Weekly News Roundup, Ed 2

Posted by Mocana on 8/3/15 11:16 AM

On the second edition of the Weekly News Roundup, we focus on articles that bring the importance of mobile applications to the forefront. 

The articles also show the need to develop strategies to engage business apps that drive usability for end-users. The decision whether to go through a third-party for apps or to build a custom app for your enterprise’s needs have varying pros and cons that these articles touch on and evaluate in greater detail.

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