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Delivering security across
the device lifecycle
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The reality of device security?
It’s complicated.

The difficult truth of any modern IoT or IIoT deployment is that the more connected you are, the more complex securing all those connected devices becomes. You have to account for a wide range of hardware, operating systems, form factors, memory needs, resource constraints, chipsets, programming languages, workloads, environments and standards. New technologies need to connect securely to legacy machines. Devices in the field need to be updateable and identifiable. And it all needs to work together, seamlessly, with virtually zero margin for error.

The solution? Extending Digital Trust Across the Device Lifecycle.

Cut the complexity with a unified platform for developers, manufacturers and operators. DigiCert for Connected Devices addresses these challenges by streamlining management and embedding digital trust at every stage of the device security lifecycle—no matter what scale.

Device Trust

Trusted identity

Key protection/generation

Device certification issuance

Device Provisioning

Signing code/firmware

Secure device updates

Secure device configuration

Device Operations

In-field device monitoring

Certificate and key management

Signature/certificate validation

Mutual authentication

Secure communications

Secure device boot

Device enrollment to cloud services

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Integrate and migrate applications seamlessly with a simple set of APIs

Rather than requiring you to create or reengineer custom code for application integration across a wide variety of systems, DigiCert for Connected Devices streamlines application development with a robust Software Development Kit (SDK). APIs accelerate migration from open source, enable seamless integration with secure elements, and streamline import/export compliance.

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Digital trust at every stage, on every device

DigiCert for Connected Devices takes Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) a step further by embedding digital trust at the silicon level and enabling remote control over the full lifecycle of every device—from gateways to servers to sensors. This helps you avoid outages, ensures your perimeter is continuous and up-to-date, and increases your agility in the event of a discovered vulnerability or attack.

Protect and harden devices in the field

Digital trust is embedded in every endpoint, with plug-and-play applications that secure and harden devices in the field.

  • Because every machine is assigned a strong identity and can be pre-configured at the chip level, it takes much less time to enroll and onboard new technology.
  • Immutable identity also makes it much simpler to run discovery and identify connected devices, streamlining compliance audits and giving you an accurate, in-the-moment overview of your entire IoT environment.
  • Devices boot securely, you can shut them down remotely in case of an emergency, and you have full visibility into and control over who and what connects to your network.
  • Rather than updating each device family individually, you can also push live, cryptographically signed updates to every device in the field—over-the-air (OTA), or over-the-web (OTW).
  • Endpoints automatically verify that any updates are legitimate, and won’t start up if they detect an unauthorized change in the code.
  • Machine-to-machine communication is encrypted and mutually authenticated, which hardens your edge against data interception and tampering, and prevents an unauthorized or compromised device from affecting the rest of your network. 

Greenfield and brownfield interoperability

Ensuring the same level of security on legacy, “brownfield” devices often requires labor-intensive custom coding. DigiCert for Connected Devices solves this problem by enabling complete interoperability between greenfield and brownfield devices. Your legacy machines work seamlessly and securely with new technology, leaving you free to integrate new functionality without sacrificing business-critical operations.

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Automated operations

Generating new keys and managing certificates becomes exponentially more time and resource-consuming as the number of connected devices in your environment increases. DigiCert for Connected Devices delivers highly scalable, specialized PKI management workflows for devices, software and hardware and makes it possible to automate many time-consuming manual processes—from key generation to code signing to certificate revocation and renewal.

One center of control. Even over third-party services.

  • Disparate devices and systems with different interfaces and control systems are unified so you can manage your entire IoT environment—core to edge—from a single center of trust.
  • Enrollment, provisioning, updates, monitoring, event viewing, risk mitigation, certificate management and more can all be performed from a single UI.
  • Preexisting connectors make it easy bring in new or existing 3rd party services, no matter the provider.

We deliver digital trust

Centralized Trust Management

Control center for managing devices in the field

Trust for Devices

Plug-and-play on-device clients that secure operations

Trust for Developers

SDK that simplifies business application development

Connect with an expert to help you establish,
manage and extend digital trust

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