MOCANA BYLINE Security in Wireless Sensor Networks

pic4-18Despite their ubiquity, security and networking technologies for sensors and other smart objects are still very much in their infancy, and there is tremendous technical and market opportunity in this arena. With major computational and communication resource constraints, these networks require new security solutions developed from the ground-up, as integral parts of their architectures.

Devices and "smart objects" like industrial sensors are rapidly outnumbering workstations on networks worldwide, with some experts projecting that within 5 years there will be over 100 non-PC devices for every workstation on a network. Some devices. . .have comparatively ample memory, processing and bandwidth resources at their disposal. As such, we can usually apply some of the security techniques originally developed for networks of PCs directly to the new "citizens" on the network. But at the very low end, devices like environmental sensors often present a unique challenge because of the extreme resource constraints they impose on security architects.

A recent RTC Magazine cover story by Mocana's own Kurt Stammberger, CISSP discusses the challenges these wireless sensor networks and smart objects present and the cutting-edge work being done to create solutions custom-built for securing them.