Connected Glucose Meter Scores Points For Kids

For children and parents alike, growing up with diabetes can be a painful process, as monitoring blood-sugar levels is a daily requirement to ensure good health. Glucose meters still depend on a fresh blood sample which means pricking a child's finger several times a day, a procedure that Bayer hopes to liven up with a new device being marketed to parents with tech-savvy kids.

The device is called "Didget," and it's a blood glucose meter that connects to the Nintendo DS -- the popular internet-connected portable gaming system. When connected to a DS, the Didget transmits information about how regularly its owner has performed a blood sugar test, and DS games with Didget compatibility reward the player with special unlocks and online leaderboard points.

While it remains to be seen how the glucose meter will ensure the security of potentially sensitive patient health data when connected to a WiFi network device such as the DS, Bayer hopes its new gadget will provide incentive to kids living with diabetes. As reported in the New York Times, Dr. Phyllis Speiser of Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York agrees that "any device, any technology that will encourage children to do what they need to do is a good development."