Vocality Picks Mocana to Protect New Portable Satellite Communications Gear for Soldiers

Vocality, a company that builds ultra-portable network routers and secure voice over IP devices for tactical and defense applications, announced that it has standardized on Mocana's Device Security Framework™ technology to provide security services for its miniature BASICS IP router designed for military backpacks, also known as "manpacks" and first responder communications platforms. The Vocality BASICS IP product offers a fully PC104-compliant network router in an ultraportable form factor, perfect for integration into soldiers' tactical kits, manpacks and field communications kits.

The BASICS IP router package, incorporating Mocana's IP security capability, is available and shipping today to Vocality's end users and systems integrator partners.

Vocality is known for designs that minimize physical size and bandwidth requirements, without sacrificing performance. BASICS IP is true to those design ethics, being extremely compact, but loaded with satcom-friendly features including TCP acceleration. Mocana's suite extends the IP security functionality of Vocality product lines, which also support secure phones including STU IIB, STU III and STE phones.

The device security space has seen intense activity in recent months, during which Mocana received a major investment from security giant Symantec, and saw enterprise smartphone software provider Good Technology standardize on Mocana to secure the Good phone client across their Android, Apple iOS and Windows mobile offerings. The category that Mocana pioneered - smart device security - received significant validation with Intel's record-breaking $7.7B acquisition of McAfee and this week, mobile chipmaker Infineon. Intel referenced the need to secure a device-dominated Internet as the key rationalization for the deals. Requirements to secure non-PC devices is increasingly demanding the attention of IT staffs worldwide, as evidenced in Mocana's just-published Summer 2010 Device Security Survey.

Vocality is leveraging several components of Mocana's Device Security Framework, including NanoSSH™, NanoSec™ and the patent-pending Acceleration Harness™.

NanoSSH is Mocana's super-small SSH client/server solution with support for X509.v3 certificate-based authentication. It comes standard with a robust RADIUS client and is specifically designed to speed product development while providing best-in-class device security services for resource-constrained environments. NanoSec is Mocana's ultra-optimized, IPsec/IKE solution that features the most complete RFC-compliance list in the industry. NanoSec is easy to use, uniquely architected with an asynchronous core to fully leverage hardware acceleration, is extremely portable and has an incredibly small memory footprint. With integrated support for MOBIKE, security services can be extended to virtually any mobile device requiring VPN functionality. Mocana is procuring FIPS 140-2 level one validation from the US government for the specific NanoSec and NanoSSH binaries provided being used in Vocality's equipment for soldiers in the field. Both the NanoSec and NanoSSH products support NSA "Suite B" encryption technology.

Vocality's clients include several of the defense forces of the United States, European Union, Australia and New Zealand, among others. These military customers contract with Vocality to provide everything from specialist tactical communications and fast responder solutions to secure network and telephone services for troops deployed overseas. While the company's head office is in England, their product reach is truly international. Vocality has US headquarters in Washington DC, and its international head office in Surrey England.

Julian Bashford, CEO of Vocality, said "The inclusion of Mocana's capability is joining a number of major initiatives in Vocality that are going to provide a competitive suite that may allow the product range to be used by the United States DoD as an alternative to existing, legacy routers that have lead time and availability issues, with BASICS IP shipping from stock today - with a long planned life cycle."

Mocana's CEO Adrian Turner said "We welcome Vocality to our community of companies dedicated to securing the 'Internet of Things.' While we love working on securing smartphones, I think our engineers find these applications of Mocana technology especially satisfying because of the way these devices are used in the field. Here's where our expertise in securing resource-constrained device environments can actually help save lives."

About Mocana
Mocana is developing the industry's only device-independent Smart Device Security platform that secures all aspects of IP addressable devices as well as the information, applications and services that run on them. Mocana's solutions dramatically increase confidence, trust and compliance among OEMs, service providers and their customers. Every day, millions of people use products sold by over 150 companies that leverage Mocana's Device Security solutions, including Cisco, Honeywell, Dell, General Electric, General Dynamics, Avaya and Harris, among others. Mocana won Frost & Sullivan's Technology Innovation of the Year award for 2008 for Device Security, and was named to the Red Herring Global 100 as one of the "top 100 privately-held technology companies in the world" in January 2009.

About Vocality
Vocality is a privately held organisation operating in Virginia, USA and Surrey, UK. For over a decade, Vocality has delivered network routers and multiplexers into a mix of military welfare and tactical installations, with users ranging from Special Forces to large naval fleets. Whilst Vocality is often considered to be "under the radar" compared with larger router manufacturers, Vocality solutions are usually chosen in preference to commercial alternatives due to the company's expertise in tactical environments, where size, power, bandwidth and reliability are key considerations. The company's head office is based in England, but its product reach is truly international.

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