10 New Ways That Computer Hackers Are Breaking into Your Machines

An article by io9 (Gawker Media) provides an insider glimpse from the 2011 Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, which headlined a variety of international hackers, scientists, and high-tech gurus who demonstrated how easy it is to break into an individual’s computer, phone, bank card, and more.

Are PDFs no longer safe? The PDF file is one of the most commonplace formats today, but is one of the easiest to break. In fact, the PDF format is so insecure that a hacker can embed a program inside of it, which you would never be able to see, and enable it to attack your computer.

Who is spying on your conversations? It’s a snap to manipulate the way your phone sends and receives calls and/or text messages across the GSM network. There’s no limit to the number of hacks here – from keeping tabs on your phone conversations to stealing your data. According to io9,

"When you make a call on the GSM network, who is really listening? Possibly everyone but the person you're hoping to talk to."

Beware of credit card fraud. Stolen credit and ATM cards are not a thing of the past. According to a Cambridge University security researcher, the security feature of smartcards is not so secure. Frequently, fraudsters have the ease of stealing someone’s money through the “chip and pin” system, which is most common in Visa, MasterCard, and American Express smartcards being used by consumers all around the world. In one example, he calls out to the fact that,

“Though British banks claim the security on these cards is unbreakable, in fact it's been compromised repeatedly and many customers have lost money.”

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