Outsmarting Power Grid Vulnerabilities

Whether swapping out devices or improving existing ones, introducing new functionality and features to the power grid where there had been none before can have security consequences, according to one expert.

In a Forbes.com interview, Benjamin Jun, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer of Cryptography Research, Inc., said “We have to be quite proactive in how we design systems going forward. We can learn from other industries. And we can learn from other countries that have imposed smart grid before us.”

Embedded systems can be broken up into smaller pieces so the security boundaries are more clearly defined and much easier to understand.

“One of the easiest things to do,” Jun said, “is start partitioning the system into separate processors, separate computing domains. Some existing micro-controllers already have this mechanism. A lot of processors already have this idea of a more privileged and less privileged code. ARM has trust zone, for example.”