Personal Security Tops BYOD Concerns

Employees want their own devices, but don't want the corporate IT guys messing with them, according to a new survey.

The survey from Mokafive is based on 335 respondents, 88 percent from companies that have already implemented BYOD policies. Ten percent indicated their companies do not know whether or not they had a BYOD policy.

What's interesting is that 77 percent indicated that current BYOD policies that includes Mobile Device Management (MDM) software is too intrusive. Comments from those respondents included "Violated" and "Not Acceptable," according to Mokafive.

Additionally, 66 percent of the respondents said their BYOD included the use of Dropbox-like cloud services. The problem here, says Mokafive, is that even when the cloud is encrypted, the encryption key is held by the third party, not the company.

A survey of 335 is too small to apply the results across all industries and organizations, however, it is interesting to see trends and perceptions (such as intrusion on personal devices and third party key management) stand out nonetheless.