Mobilize Web Apps in Minutes, Secure In Seconds

This week Mocana released its Secure Enterprise Browser enabling IT managers, specialists or admins to get your company’s Intranet portals into the hands of your employees, partners and affiliates, instantly while integrating with your existing enterprise infrastructure.

In a recent survey from Prescient Digital Media of 650 participants in small, medium and large organizations, over 80 percent said they have had an intranet portal for employees for more than five years. That’s a large investment in web data. So the question is: How do they mobilize this treasure trove of intranet data quickly without a massive investment in native app development across multiple mobile platforms?

The simple answer is Mocana's Secure Enterprise Browser. Based on the widely adopted Webkit rendering engine with HTML5 support, Mocana’s browser is comparable to Chrome or Safari on mobile. It enables enterprises to extend corporate intranet sites, web apps, and internet websites to iOS and Android devices -- while still protecting the data through a variety of security and configuration policies. Since the focus is to protect browser and app data - data-at-rest, data-in-motion, and data-in-use - enterprises can mobilize more web data without having to manage or control the device.

Essentially, it’s Great Browser + Mocana’s Security = Quickest Path to unlocking intranet data over mobile.

A Frictionless Way to Mobilize Your Intranet

But providing secure mobile access to your employees is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of challenges. We believe that providing secure access to stakeholders who are external to the company such as contractors, suppliers, affiliates etc. to be an even bigger challenge. This is where Mocana’s Secure Enterprise Browser shines: Even if the external devices are not enrolled through MDM, it is still possible to provide secure access to specific intranet sites to these users.

The automation of security and configuration policies make this possible without building a new app and writing security code to protect the app and its data. On the security side, admins can configure the browser to utilize a per App VPN tunnel, encrypt all browser data that is stored locally, and prevent someone from copying & pasting browser data to another app. Several browser configuration options are also available; admins can choose to limit the functionality of the browser by removing capabilities that can lead to data loss and leakage such as printing, emailing, searching, saving bookmarks, etc. All of these options are available through Mocana's MAP Console and are applied directly to the Browser app itself, so there are no additional device clients to install and no device management required.

User Experience at the center of design

We understand how important the experience is for your users; that’s what makes mobile fun, easy to use and so well adopted. Mocana's Secure Enterprise Browser includes Single Sign-On (SSO) which allows users to enter their authentication credentials once, yet gain access to all of their authorized web apps and intranet sites. Several SSO options are available today -- HTTP Basic, Digest, NTLM, and Web Forms -- with Kerberos just around the corner.

If you want, you can enable multiple portals via a branded browser ‘app’. For instance, you can have one for HR, one for Finance, one for Vacation Requests, etc., All of them SSO enabled, branded appropriately and ready for IT deployment in minutes.

Lightweight Solution for Secure Portal Access on Mobile

The architectural philosophy behind Mocana’s platform is securing the true endpoint of mobile access - the apps themselves - and protecting the data at the app level. Why does this really matter? Imagine your boss wants to allow distributors or partners mobile access to an ordering and fulfillment web app that is sitting on their corporate network behind a firewall.

How would you do this today? Imagine asking a contractor permission to manage their device, asking them to install an MDM agent, push your corporate VPN profile to the device and ask them to use Chrome or Safari on their device. It already sounds distasteful. You enable them to connect to the web app, but you are exposing all of your corporate data because you cannot protect the data in their browser! The only real protection is to force them to use a device-level password and have the ability to wipe their entire device -- neither of which they will allow.

With the Mocana Secure Enterprise Browser, you can configure and secure a browser (per your specifications and needs) and simply deploy the app. You enable the Mocana Secure Enterprise Browser to have access to your enterprise (using our Per App VPN), and have the option to choose which security policies and controls you want to enforce to protect your data.

If the distributor requires access to multiple web apps, then you can also enable SSO to provide a seamless user experience (i.e. authentication) as they navigate between those web apps.

Mobilization strategies can be difficult when dealing with all of the variables related to apps, devices, app distribution, and network connectivity. Your company or your client is likely looking to you to simplify the touch points and make their life and the experience simple yet secure. With the Mocana Secure Enterprise Browser, many of those variables are just not in your control, but eliminated. By deploying a secure browser, you enable your users access to the data they want and still protect your enterprise data -- all without sacrificing user experience or incurring high costs.

You can take a test drive of Mocana’s Secure Enterprise Browser at

Sanjay Kalyanasundaram is Mocana's Director of Business Relations