Mocana Secures the IoT Cloud Edge


Today, Mocana announced that we've integrated our IoT Security Platform with the IoT cloud platforms of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure IoT, and VMware to make it easier for developers to use Mocana's strong, embedded security on devices they want to connect to the cloud.

In order to connect an IoT device, such as a sensor, thermostat, or gateway, to any of these IoT cloud platforms, developers use software development kits (SDKs) provided by cloud providers to ensure that the device can connect to a virtual cloud server, cloud gateway or analytics platform.

The Problem

The problem is that most of the SDKs use open source security software to secure the device, leaving it open to vulnerabilities. These SDKs typically use Transport Layer Security (TLS), a standard cryptographic protocol used to secure communications over a computer network or the Internet. Using open source TLS software has been known introduce security vulnerabilities into applications. For example, the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) Database lists more than 250 vulnerabilities for OpenSSL, a well-known open source security software library.

How Mocana Makes It Easy to Connect to the Cloud Securely

Working closely with AWS, Microsoft, and VMware, Mocana was able to integrate our cybersecurity software with the AWS IoT SDK, Microsoft Azure IoT SDK, and VMware Liota SDK. Mocana customers can now use Mocana's crypto engine and TLS transport to connect to the clouds by replacing open source security software components and libraries with Mocana.

But Wait...There's More

We also went a step further by releasing an OpenSSL connector that makes it even easier to rip and replace OpenSSL with Mocana. Using the connector allows applications to use the same OpenSSL APIs to call cryptographic functions that are, instead, executed by Mocana's crypto engine rather than OpenSSL's SSL library. This greatly simplifies the task of removing OpenSSL from IoT or IIoT applications.

We think that developers who are building IoT applications for industrial and enterprise-grade systems will welcome Mocana as an alternative to open source security. Large systems integrators that work with Microsoft Azure, AWS and VMware will be able to accelerate and scale their IoT projects more securely with Mocana.

For more information on how to use Mocana to secure your IoT devices that are connected the cloud, check out our press release or please contact us.