Mocana's Weekly News Roundup, Ed 15

Roundup_Ed_15.jpgDid you know the past few weeks have been part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM)? Each week had a specific theme; similarly, our Roundup this week has taken on an IoT vibe. 

Time and time again the need for security to be embedded into the Internet of Things (IoT) has been staggering, and lacking.

Many articles state the need to protect data in all kinds of devices that the Internet has taken over, including TVs and even baby monitors. 

Until this protocol for security and data protection is a standard across all devices, vehicles and other things IoT has touched, the risk for data breaches will always be looming around the corner. 

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 "The Internet of Things: Stop the things, I want to get off!"


The rate of digital evolution is at a faster rate than ever. As this article indicates, the Internet is "gobbling up a lot of new things that didn't used to be computers." An ongoing problem persists that IoT took off and left security behind--much like other updates in the past from PCs and home networks to the web. 

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"A Security Protocol for the Internet of Things

Security Intelligence

With the growth of IoT comes the similar growth of "security vulnerabilities of the linked objects." As more things become connected, manufacturers will need to take proper security measures and protocol such as securing the web interface of the device being used. Find out what else, in conjunction with keeping devices updated, that you need to look out for as IoT develops. 

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"Israel developing emergency mobile app to fight terror, Netanyahu says news service

A free application is being made for all citizens of Israel that "would allow anyone to notify security forces immediately in the event of a terror attack." This is in attempt to "de-escalate the sensitive explosiveness of the Temple Mount in order to reduce the level of violence." 

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"Why an Internet of Things Trust Framework Is Needed Now"


As mentioned in the other summaries, the security risks of IoT have prompted "calls for regulation and Congressional hearings." The real issue of protection is in a device's data, not the device itself. Wittily enough, the article muses that IoT "might be better named the 'Internet of Data' as the amount of personal and sensitive data being collected is staggering." 

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 "Preparing for IoT? Ask some old questions and plenty of new ones"

The Register

To implement IoT, you've got to ask a lot of questions and expect the first time around to not work the exact way you planned. The amount of hurdles to cross, as this article mentions, is difficult, and there are many considerations even after you've decided whether you're going to buy, rent or build "your own things." 

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 "92% of IT departments globally still restrict users from accessing sensitive data on mobile devices"

First Post

There are many obstacles in IT departments regarding "increased user mobility in their organization." Can you imagine the difficulty of preventing a breach when, on average, there are "two mobile end points per user and managing three sets of credentials per user." This, mixed in with the cloud and scaling security, means big changes and news for corporations. 

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