Mocana's Weekly News Roundup, Ed 20


Malware is everywhere this week, as displayed from our featured articles. From mobile banking apps, to Bible and Quran apps, no application, regardless of its type, is exempt from malware or hacks.

Hackers are blending old and new methods to find innovative ways to steal personal information from you. Are you protected from these efforts? 

These breaches are being scrutinized due to the holiday season, but it's something we should be aware of 365 days of the year. As mentioned in the last article, don't download apps from a third-party provider--make sure it's through Google Play or the Apple Store, as a proactive measure to protect your information.

To read more on these topics and how to defend yourself against a breach, check out our links for the Roundup below: 

 "Mobile apps a big risk to expose user data

IT Pro Portal

This article shows how the McAfee Labs Threats Report from November 2015 says "malware strains are being designed to take advantage of poor mobile app coding." The need to continually innovate and stay ahead of the threats is ever-present--as there are all kinds of malware, old and new, that are being repurposed to attack in new ways. 

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"Target back on naughty list with another security vulnerability"


Researchers from Avast have revealed a flaw that once more reveals personal customer information from Target. Whether hackers have actually taken advantage of the vulnerable information is currently unclear. Consequently, elements of Target wish list app has been disabled in an effort to examine the issues and work through them. 

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"Religious Apps Put on the High Risk List by Proofpoint


No apps are exempt from malware or "risk ware," including gambling, flashlight and holy book mobile apps. A shocking 3.7% of Bible apps studied by Proofpoint "contained malware which tried to access data and services illegally--a higher rate of malicious code than any other category." 

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"Beware of Greeks Bearing Mobile App Downloads"


End-users of online banking applications, beware--there's a new malware attack campaign that is targeting you. It relies on an "Android-based SMS hijacker app that has been branded or 'skinned' with RSA SecurID branding to make it appear more credible." This article details the steps of the attack and how to better defend yourself from it. 

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"Mobile App Momentum Continues, Surveys Find"

enterprise apps today

An Apperian report shows that many organizations are deploying mobile apps, but "the number of mobile apps deployed is not a leading indicator of an organization's success with mobile apps." Mobile apps that are aligned with "strategic initiatives" is far more important, and that's where initiatives should be focused. 

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"Data Vulnerabilities Found on the Back End of Mobile Apps"


This article also highlights the McAfee Labs Threats Report, which shows how researchers were able to "intercept nearly 170,000 text messages" using the Android/OpFake and Android/Mary malware. It's important to download apps directly from Google Play or the Apple Store, and not going through a third-party provider, to better protect yourself against this malware. 

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