Introducing Mocana IoT Security Platform

mocana_launch_blog.pngWe are excited to share with you that we have released the Mocana IoT Security Platform, a new, version (GA0217) of our security software solution for embedded systems and the Internet of Things (IoT). This is a major update release that builds upon the cybersecurity technology that the company has developed over the past 15 years that secures embedded systems and IoT devices.

The Mocana IoT Security Platform provides new software capabilities, a set of simple APIs, and a path to integrate future updates and Mocana’s planned management and analytics capabilities.

The GA0217 release of the Mocana IoT Security Platform includes updates to the following Mocana software modules:

  • NanoTAP 1.2 – trust abstraction layer with support for Infineon, STMicro and Atmel TPM chipsets
  • NanoAIDE 1.2 – support for automated certificate management using the EST standard (RFC 7030)
  • NanoCert 6.5 – updated support for certificate renewal over SCEP
  • NanoCrypto 6.5 – updates to ciphers to conform to FIPS PUB 186-4 and support for NanoTAP 1.2
  • NanoSec 6.5 – OCSP extensions to IKEv2 (RFC 4806) and IKEv2 updates to conform to RFC 7296 (previously compliant with RFC 4306)
  • NanoSSH 6.5 – support for HMAC SHA-2 and additional algorithm updates
  • NanoSSL 6.5 – OpenSSL compatibility interface including integration with Wind River Workbench 7
  • NanoMCP 2.0 – NanoGDOI extension for IKEv1, updates to key distribution center (KDC) server on Windows
  • NanoBoot 6.5 – support for RSA Simple and PKCS#1 PSS
  • NanoUpdate 6.5 – update to signing verification
  • NanoWireless 6.5 – updated support for Windows and Linux-based distributions

Notably, we have introduced two important innovations:

  • Mocana NanoTAP™ 1.2, a software a module that provides a trust abstraction layer to allow device manufacturers to take advantage of the latest security chip technologies such as the Infineon OPTIGA® Trusted Platform Module (TPM), ARM® Trustzone™, Intel® SGX™, and Intel® EPID™. These new technologies provide a hardware-based root of trust for embedded systems that significantly increases the trustworthiness of a device. NanoTAP is the software that allows applications to leverage the enhanced security capabilities of the hardware.
  • Mocana NanoAIDE™ 1.2, a software module that supports Enrollment over Secure Transport (EST), a new standard (RFC 7030) that automates the management and enrollment of digital certificates, a critical element for secure communications. With billions of IoT devices that need to be secured, managing X.509 digital certificates is a significant challenge. The predominant protocol, Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP), used for enrollment of digital certificates requires a manual process that is unsuitable for hyper-scale environments such as IoT. Mocana now supports both SCEP and EST to provide the flexibility and scale for managing Public Key Infrastructure using standard X.509 certificates

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