Fed Certified Flash Drives Easily Hacked

January 10, 2010

USB flash drives that encrypt stored data using AES 256-bit hardware encryption are designed to meet the most stringent of security requirements. These drives -- produced by multiple manufacturers -- are FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), designating them appropriate for sensitive government uses.

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FPGAs Vulnerable to Power Analysis Hacks?

December 14, 2009

As reported in a recent EDN blog post, FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays) are being widely used in federal/defense applications (those requiring FIPS-140 certification) and their increased usage is sparking concerns about their cryptographic security. Of particular concern is possible FPGA vulnerability to hackers using power analysis -- examining a device's power dissipation -- to extract cryptographic keys.

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REDCOM Picks Mocana to Secure Carrier Class 4/5 IP Softswitch Solutions

December 8, 2009

Victor, N.Y. and San Francisco (November 24, 2009)‚ REDCOM Laboratories Inc., a company that designs and manufactures digital and IP-enabled telecommunications systems, today announced a technology partnership with Mocana to secure REDCOM'S TRANSip® IP technology suite. REDCOM announced an agreement to integrate Mocana's NanoSSL™ Advanced™ device integrity software to implement secure SIP over TLS and to encrypt remote administration of REDCOM HDX and SLICE® 2100™ softswitches. Mocana's security technology embedded within these REDCOM platforms protects users from eavesdropping, data theft and VoIP man-in-the-middle attacks by encrypting content and authenticating endpoints at carrier-class traffic volumes and speeds.

TRANSip is a Mocana-secured, fully integrated VoIP and TDM solution available for the REDCOM HDX and SLICE 2100 Carrier Class 4/5 softswitch platforms that incorporates the benefits of TDM and IP technologies. TRANSip provides a SIP Call Controller, Media Gateway, Media Gateway Controller, and a full range of related IP telephony capabilities and features. TRANSip also supports traditional TDM transport and signaling interfaces and features.

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JDSU Selects Mocana to Secure TestPoint Family of Broadband Test Solutions

November 16, 2009

Mocana today announced that JDSU, the leading provider of communications test and measurement solutions and optical products for telecommunications service providers, cable operators, and network equipment manufacturers, has selected Mocana to provide embedded security and device integrity for the popular JDSU TestPoint family of broadband test solutions.

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MOCANA CASE STUDY: Securing CPU Tech's Acalis Sentry

November 3, 2009

Nowhere is device security more crucial than in Defense applications. The mission-critical requirements of defense settings demand a fully integrated security architecture, built from the ground up.

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