Mocana and VeliQ Partner to Protect Mobile Apps for BYOD

By Mocana | 4/29/13 9:47 PM

SAN FRANCISCO & BARENDRECHT, The Netherlands--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Mocana and VeliQ today announced a strategic partnership to integrate the Mocana Mobile App Protection™ (MAP™) solution into VeliQ’s mobility Platform as a Service (mPaaS™) to enable enterprise IT to secure mobile apps and their data in seconds, without having to write any code. Offered by VeliQ as MobiDM Mobile App Protection by Mocana, MAP will deepen the security offering of the VeliQ cloud-based mobility Platform as a Service (mPaaS) solution, and will enable enterprises to quickly add fine-grained usage and security policies to iOS and Android™ apps and speed app deployment, especially in highly-regulated markets such as financial services, healthcare and government.

“App shielding is becoming an increasingly critical part of true mobile app management capability, and VeliQ decided to partner with Mocana because its MAP solution is quite simply the best app security technology available today,” said Alex Bausch, founder and CEO at VeliQ. “Employees are demanding to bring their own mobile devices to the workplace, and the simplicity and effectiveness of Mocana’s app-shielding technology, in combination with our mPaaS platform, will help ease IT’s pain and accelerate the deployment of more secure mobile apps that can fully leverage sensitive corporate information and services.”

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Gartner Preaches App Shielding For Enterprises

By Robert Vamosi | 4/15/13 2:04 AM

In an emerging technology analysis, Gartner is called for the rise of App Shielding for enterprises.

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DeviceLine Radio: Matthew Barnhart On Mobile App Protection (MAP) 2.4.2

By Robert Vamosi | 4/11/13 10:27 PM

My guest today is Matthew Barnhart, senior product manager at Mocana. He's been working on Mobile App Protection or MAP. Earlier this week Mocana announced a new version, version 2.4.2. As Matthew will explain, MAP allows enterprises to wrap or shield individual apps with secure policies without the IT staff having access to the binary. Matthew describes the app wrapping process more and the features that have been added in this new release.

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Robert Vamosi: Why don't you start by giving us an elevator pitch for the MAP product from Mocana?

Matthew Barnhart: Sure. Mobile app protection or MAP is a technology that allows you to take any app, one that you've developed in house, one that perhaps has been customized for you by an outside entity, and to add to it the security and usage policies you want, and it just takes seconds. What's great about it is that you don't have to have any expertise in implementing security, for example FIPS 140 2 level one grade security, and neither does your vendor or your consultants or anyone else. In a matter of seconds you can choose the whole set of fine grained security policies that you want. Click "apply," and it will apply it to your iOS or your Android app.

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Mocana Extends Lead In Enterprise Mobile App Security

By Mocana | 4/9/13 2:00 AM

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., April 9, 2013 – Mocana, the app security leader, today extended its lead with new app-shielding features in the latest version of the company’s Mobile App Protection™ (MAP) solution. Mocana MAP 2.4.2 includes new app-level capabilities for access and authentication, secure communications, data protection, and contextual usage which enhance corporations’ ability to secure the confidential data of their enterprise mobile apps on managed and unmanaged Android™ and iOS devices. The new capabilities offer additional connectivity options to make it easier to integrate with existing network infrastructures, enhanced data sharing between secured apps for an improved user experience, and BYOD enablement for compliance-driven markets.

“Mocana invented app wrapping technology, and today’s announcement demonstrates our ongoing commitment to delivering real-world app security that allows companies to mobilize their business processes in transformative ways,” said Kurt Stammberger, CISSP and vice president of market development at Mocana. “For example, airlines have been looking to replace pilots’ heavy flight bags with iPads running customized applications, but securing those apps has been a roadblock. With solutions like MAP, airlines can move ahead and securely mobilize that flight bag while realizing non-trivial operational and fuel-cost savings.”

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Watch-like Computers Could Be The Next Big Thing

By Robert Vamosi | 3/4/13 10:35 PM

There's a new form factor for mobile computing devices, and it fits on your wrist.

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Podcast: Erik Peterson On MAP 2.0

By Robert Vamosi | 4/10/12 2:52 AM

This week's podcast, Erik Peterson, Principal Engineer at Mocana, discusses MAP 2.0 with Robert Vamosi, and relates his experience bringing Mocana's unique mobile app protection solution to Apple's iOS.

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