Cyber Protection as a Service


Delivering Cyber Protection as a Service via our software solution suite, TrustCenter, TrustEdge and TrustCore.

All of our products enable simple and scalable development & integration. Our approach is to provide an operations platform for tamper-resistant device lifecycle management that requires zero-coding, and a development platform to harden and analyze device functions with minimal to no reengineering of applications.


Mocana Solution
Mocana TrustCenter

The Mocana TrustCenter operations platform provides a tamper-resistant and scalable workflow for transfer of ownership and lifecycle management of devices fully integrated with authentication and certification services. Automates provisioning, orchestration and management of devices for scalable enrollment and tamper resistant software updates. TrustCenter may be managed using a web-based user interface or via REST-based APIs integrated with a vendor equipment device management system.
Mocana TrustEdge 

Mocana TrustEdge is a comprehensive software solution for IoT device protection. Distributed as pre-compiled binaries, TrustEdge works seamlessly with TrustCenter to provide embedded perimeter controls, authenticated and automated key management for network traffic encryption, trusted platform measurements and event tracking for live analytics – to prime third-party orchestration, artificial intelligence and machine learning services in the cloud.
Mocana TrustCore

The Mocana TrustCore development platform provides an innovative solution to empower application developers with a simple set of APIs to leverage data privacy and protection controls for safety, security and compliance without extensive re-engineering.
How It Works
Who Benefits
  • Baked-in protection controls at point of manufacture
  • Contract manufacturing of factory hardened devices for tamper-proofing and anti-cloning
  • Bolt-on hardware-based discrete root of trust anchor
  • No factory-default passwords (protected device configuration)
Service Provider
  • Offer cyber protection as a service to device operators as a utility model
  • Drive revenues in the emerging 5G network and edge cloud (smart cities, smart factories, smart energy, smart transportation)
  • Authenticated device onboarding, updates with supply chain protection, risk monitoring and reports
  • Usage based billing with subscription-based level of protection
Device Vendor
  • Contract manufacturer configures and hardens devices at factory, as per protection profile
  • Activate and provision the hardware-based root of trust
  • Issue birth certificate to license device
  • Track and count on-shelf and licensed inventory
  • Revoke device certificate to cancel license
  • Provision services and application post device onboarding and transfer of ownership for intellectual property protection
Device Owner/Operator
  • No cloud platform or service provider lock-in
  • Buy protection instead of build-it-yourself with engineering and certification cycle
  • Protect brownfield silos without application reengineering
  • Ensure interoperability of greenfield and brownfield connected devices for digital transformation of infrastructure
  • Eliminate the steep costs and operational complexity of PKI build-out
  • Provide data privacy and protection for mission critical applications with cryptographic key management
  • Increase operational efficiency and integrity
Unique Benefits
Harden Devices at Factory
Tamper Resistance over Lifecycle
Authenticated Device Onboarding and Provisioning at Scale
Secure & Timely Software and Configuration Updates
Remotely Monitor & Recover Devices
Measures Device & Platform Integrity with Root of Trust Attestation
Protection Baked into the Supply Chain
Multiple Signers for High Assurance and Resiliency

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